Wed night Sculpting Sessions

First month of the new class has been dynamic- there are a range of experience and projects happening, and as a student you get to soak up some tips about more than just your project this way.

Projects from January have included maquettes for larger future work, life cast of a their hand as a reference as well as some exercises I made to improve representational understanding and skills.
Check them out below :)

Larger than Life Feature- EYE

Using the skull as reference, we made a large eye socket, sculpted the ball of the eye, and then added the final flesh. (maybe about a foot wide)

Here is my example I sculpted along with them:

Here are some students, working away!

Planes of the Head

A great project to increase your understanding of the structure of the head- useful for sculpting and drawing. Starting with the most basic geometric simplification, and breaking that down to add features.

 Here is my example of the first step:

 The features added, with some of the reference handouts up:

Students during class:

Seeing It Through Your Eyes II

Seeing it Through Your Eyes II is a multicultural project by Connecting Cultures that aims to celebrate the diversity of the cultural communities and reduce racism and hate. 

There are five cultural communities participating, and 2 artists from each community. Each culture will host a meeting open to the public to present and discuss their cultures history and how they connect and support each other. The artists attend all five cultural meetings and create a piece of artwork from what they experienced at each one. There will be a final art show showcasing the 50 works in May at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre.

The five cultural communities & the artists participating are:

Portuguese - Melanie Furtado, Maria Miranda Lawrence

Ukrainian - Olga Lang, Sophia Morrison

Metis - Carol Grenier, Dawne Burron

Filipino - Ed Araquel, Roberto Maralag

Italian - Chiarina Loggio, Giuseppe Buccoliero

1st Meeting- Metis Cultural Community
We had the first meeting back in December, for the Metis community, and it was a really enlightening experience. I really appreciated the opportunity to hear about the history of the Metis people, which was filled with discrimination and challenge. It left me with a deep respect for those who are now embracing their heritage proudly and speaking out about their experiences. 

Here is a video that gives a synapse of the Metis meeting (20 mins): 

2nd Meeting- Ukrainian Cultural Showcase

Sun Jan 29th from 2-5:30 pm 
Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 3277 Douglas St

This event is open to the public and is bound to be both alot of fun and also culturally enriching! Food, drink, art, singing and dancing- what more could you want? Bring a friend or two!