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Guided Studio Sculpture Class

For a couple of years now I have been running an ongoing sculpture class now known as Guided Studio.

It is wonderful.

There is such range of people joining into a creative community- from complete beginners to more advanced artists- and it is very fulfilling to have helped guide the creation of so many awesome projects!

Here are some examples.

One of the first sculpture projects I recommend to beginners is sculpting this giant Ear from a plaster reference cast. Ears are amazing and have great shapes to help us begin to understand how to see form. It takes about 3-4 weeks to complete.

Following in the same footsteps, sculpting a Large Mouth will give an opportunity to study the shapes of this very complex feature in a large and workable size. I designed this study aid to help students- one side is a breakdown of the planes, the other side is a more realistic surface.


A later project is sculpting from a Relief Plaster Lifecast of a real person. This is great preparation for sculpting from a live model, as you can really study the form up close and learn about all the features! I also have designed the armature so that you can flip them down and study the form from below..  an invaluable view in understanding their shapes.

An excellent project for understanding the structure of the head is the Planes of the Head. This is a basic planes of the head model that I created using various references. One half is the most basic, and one half has been broken down into simple features. This is also an exercise is making straight lines and consistent surface planes.

Then there are many students who are making Self-directed Projects. They may come to me with an idea, and I help them make it happen. We design armatures, find models, source reference material and supplies. It keeps me on my toes! I love seeing what people feel inspired to create, and helping them make that happen.

I am looking forward to doing more sculpting with everyone in the studio!
For more current dates and schedule, please visit my website here